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The real jewelers of people's destinies, that are working in our agency, will do everything for the spring living in your heart and your lookwill be filled of love! The diamond does not shine and sparkle on its own, and that is why we have to pay attention on this diamond, that lays on the ground and we understand that we pass by a precious rock. But thanks to the professional work of the master we look on the showcase and we admire the magnificent beautifulness of the brilliant. You can pass by your happiness many times and You may not even admit it. But with our jewelers from DiamondRelation You will not loose your bliss, because we have real diamonds! Be happy and loved!  

Marriage agency"Diamond Relations” was open for business on January 1, 2015. Our main office is located in the center of Europe, 1180 Bruxelles, Winston Churchill Avenue 228.

Welcome to the international marriage agency ''Diamond Relations’’!
The main aim of our agency is to understand who you think your soulmate should be. Your perfect match! We do this by listening and consulting with you to understand your needs and desires in a perfect wife. Then help you find this person, this perfect match! Our next step is to create the conditions for love to happen and for it to grow.
DR works with women from different countries:  Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Also there are many clients who live in Europe, Belgium, Italy, Holland and Germany.  All candidates are personally interviewed by our agency and we make this guarantee for every member of DR. We provide support for our customers from the beginning till you get married… and even after that. 

How do you go about becoming a member of the agency DR? And what qualifies you to become a member of DR?
1. You need to contact us by phone or e-mail and arrange a meeting.
2. You must be unmarried.
3. You should have a stable financial situation.
We need you to deeply respect each of our clients and we expect that your behavior be decent regarding other DR members and our employees.

How much does it cost?
1. The price of our consultation and registration is 50 euros.
2. The price of three-month membership is 1500 E. It includes services of searching for an appropriate partner for your request, Skype meetings, translation and organizational meetings within the territory of Belgium.
3. Organization of our meetings with candidates not living in Belgium and traveling costs abroad range from 4000 to 5000 euros.
You can pay for our searching services after the search for your partner has been completed and we are ready to provide you a suitable candidate.

How are the meetings organized?
1. The person wishing to find his match is invited to our agency and after registration can look at profiles and photos of candidates matching his requirements.
2. We organize the date according to your wish. If your choice is a woman living abroad we organize a Skype meeting at our agency for the first time. If it is needed we help start the conversation (including translation) in a relaxed atmosphere! Our clients are very pleased about the Skype meetings as this helps start these highly anticipated conversations more easily and quickly! We do this in away that avoids that embarrassing first time contact. Also it is lot of fun spending time chatting with your potential beloved over a nice cup of coffee!
Are there any restrictions?
There is no restrictions and limits for love !!!
 But we reserve the right to refuse if we do not have the opportunity to provide you with our services.
The age of our clients range from 22 years to 68.
Diamond Relations wishes you the fulfillment of all your desires. Have  happiness, love and good luck!
     Best regards, Natalia!


1. We invite you to visit our section on "Search for the diamond," which we posted some profiles of our clients from Belgium, Russia, Ukraine. You will be able to send them a message after you will acquire some “Diamonds.”You can choose the lady you like and use your own personal correspondence. Or contact our Agency for help in translation or organization of travel and accommodations. We are here to help. If you have any questions or notes you can contact us by phone----- or email-------  
All our clients are free to marry, background information is checked and reliable, photos are real.
We wish you a successful search !!!
2. Also our services include Skype service. When you make your choices we offer you video chat with your favorite girls which will be held in our office. You can chat by Skype with your potential bride! 
3. After you make your final choice we can arrange a visit of your fiancee to your country. Besides this there is the option to arrange a trip to her country.                                                         
4. Our customers can order flower delivery and a gift for their lady.
5. You will receive helpful advice when your lady begins her new life in Europe. Our advice to her is to help her understand the European mentality and give her positive recommendations. Our personal tips to you will help support harmony in your family. So that the inevitable small problems do not affect your family happiness.

As gem stones need to be carefully cut and placed in a secure setting our feelings and attitude need to be valued and kept secure. Love often arises in a sudden flash. Through our acts committed in the name of love use care and respect towards each other and may you love each other forever!
We suggest you follow the information on our upcoming PARTY EVENTS using the list below: «Masquerade», Speed dating», «Dinner at candlelight», «We are the best dancers».
In late May we reward the happiest couple with a magical surprise from DR !!!

Our reputation is very important to us. We work on having a successful result. We guarantee confidentiality. We start to work right after conclusion of the work contract. You can familiarize yourself with this contract at our office or receive it via email.
We only work with clients that are free to marry and who are 20 years old or older. We reserve the right to refuse service to people whom we believe we cannot be of service to.

Nataliya Gorodets'ka "DiamondRelation"


A little history about Russian women ...

December 14, 1825 in Saint Petersburg, armed revolutionaries from the nobility for the first time in history rebelled against the Tsar's sovereignity and liberalism on Senatskaya Square. The riot was suspended. Five of its organizers were hung, and the others were banished to Siberia for penal servitude, and cashiered. The wives of eleven condemned decemberists shared their fate, following them to the land of their exile. These women's noble act makes one of the most glorious pages in the Russian history.  

The Tzar Nicolas I granted those women permission to divorce their husbands — «public criminals» and «traitors». But the women went against public opinion, showing their support to the condemned. Shunning their titles and the luxury they were used to, they left their children, their friends, relations and parents, and followed their beloved husbands. That voluntary Siberian banishment was largely talked of in the society.

Covering the distance of over 6000 kilometers, the women arrived to Blagodatsky led mines where their banished husbands worked underground ten hours every day. Then they  were taken back to the prison, - a shabby, dirty two-room house. One room contained runaway convicts. Eight decemberists were kept in the other. The room was divided into small cells of two arshins in length and two in width, with several prisoners crammed in them. The ceilings were too low for one to be able to stand up straight. The place was lit poorly by candles, filled with the dangling of shackles. For days on end - scarce food, insects, scurvy, tuberculosis, and no news from the world outside. And suddenly, in the midst of it all — their loving wives! 

When Trubetskaya saw her husband through a hole in the prison wall, thin, pale, in a short dirty warn-out coat, she fainted. Volkonskaya, who arrived shortly after her, fell to her knees in front of her husband and kissed his shakels. The women settled in peasant houses not far from the prison, where they cooked, went to the well for water, and heated the ovens themselves. Paulina Annenkova remembered: «The ladies would often come to watch me cook dinner, and asked me to teach them how to make soup or bake a pie. When I had to clean the chicken in front of them, they would with tears in their eyes confess that they envied my many skills, upsetting over not being able to do anything of that sort themselves». 

Meetings with their husbands were allowed only twice a week, in the presence of an officer. The women spent the rest of their time sitting on a large stone in front of the prison, once in a while having the luck of exchanging a word or two with the prisoners.

Dedication, fortitude, resistance to the ills of life - these are the qualities that have always sung and which have commanded respect. Can modern women boast such a set of character qualities?
They sure can, because only the changed external circumstances and within Russian women remained - Russian Woman with a capital letter!


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